Ashley Miranda
Ashley Miranda

Ashley Miranda is a latinx poet from Chicago. Their work has been featured in various print and online publications.


My name is Ashley Miranda and I'm a latinx (Guatemalan/Mexican) poet from Chicago. I received my MFA in Writing from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. I'm heavily influenced by the Surrealists and Language Poets, Mark Z. Danielewski, the music of Lana Del Rey and Arcade Fire.  My work focuses on exploring identity, gender identity/roles, trauma, mental health, and feminism. I occasionally write about games/gaming experiences.

You can check out my publication section for links to individual publications and my books. Please feel free to contact me!


Book Publications        

dolores in spanish is pain, dolores in lolita is a girl, order now at Glass Poetry Press

Thirteen Jars: How Xt'actani Learned to Speak,   Another New Calligraphy

no faithfulness in my mouth, Ghost City Press

Poetry Publications    

things no one tells you about grief, forthcoming at Drunk Monkeys

a clear and personal statement,
"Okay I Believe You, But”, forthcoming in Erase the Patriarchy from University of Hell Press    

oh my eurydice,
condensed, Burning House Press

every image of myself,
{when we last spoke
}, EPIGRAPH, issue 19

Aglaophotis, or Expulsion
silent hill 2’s abstract daddy is a better metaphor for sexual abuse than i could ever write

on why I look up to Heather, Moonchild Magazine’s Silent Hilling Issue

[pynk like the secrets you hide],
lush, Pussy Magic Lit, Pride 2018 Issue

mi corazón quiere cantar así, Memoir Mixtapes, vol.5

a breakdown of types and costs of American Girl Dolls, Cotton Xenomorph

aries sun ; scorpio moon
lazarus, issue 4, Bad Pony Mag

train to müchen
sitting against the stairs at neuschwanstein
witch blood, Luna Luna Magazine

dissertation of matthew 18:6,  issue 4, witch craft mag

first communicant, seafoam mag

first baptism
light of my life // fire of my loins // be a good baby // do what i want
[the word memory is insufficient]
[i have not yet apologized], The Journal Petra

the hermit
elegy to american online instant messanger
panic! in the heart space
a list of all those bitter moments,  Faded Out

sink yr fangs into the shadows that keep me company
how i feel in twenty seventeen, Thoughtcrime Press' Not My President anthology

i went to baptist church and all i got was crippling self doubt, MAKE Literary Magazine, 17.

digital me in a digital world
ills.,  sidequest

[i've been thinking about DETERMINATION], sidequest

waking up in the nexus, sidequest

xt'actani goes to the dead
jar     three, Moonchild Magazine

ticket to the mentalsphere, Cosmonauts Avenue

a morning prayer, Rising Phoenix Review

AMERICAN JESUS, Rising Phoenix Review

jar          six, Rising Phoenix Review

how to discuss impending doom, Public Pool

the one on the left says 'me', Dream Pop Press

[let's talk about demise]
horror fun time girl
[don't, little tongue], OCCULUM

not at the bottom, Entropy

flaky layers
cosmonaut ghost girl, Nostrovia! Press, F.A.L.D #14

this is a love poem in my own way, Yes, Poetry

wicked wicker women, Glass Poetry Press

infrequent remedies
[the phone rings]
s a f e s p a c e s,  Ghost City Review

Missing Time, CCM Press' "A Shadow Map"

message, Maudlin House

Mahou Shojo & Me
Xt'actani is Accosted by Light
Certain Women
The First Transgression
Self-Portrait of Dust, White Stag, vol 3-issue 2 

safe soundscapes | anxious soundscapes, Lockjaw Magazine, vol IV

violations and musings

a textual evolution of                     f  l  e  s  H  s e l f,  pioneertown

 Affection,  Hound Lit, issue 3

[I wake up.], Denver Quarterly, issue 49.3

remission/on my anxiety, The Black Dog Goes For a Walk, #1


"Toxic Players and (Lack of) Redemption in .hack//G.U. vol. 1//Rebirth", SideQuest


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